JNL Fusion Workout: What to Expect


One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to sticking to a fitness routine is that they struggle to stay motivated, and they get bored. Jumping from one fitness DVD to the next is seldom the answer, and can be expensive.

So, what if you could get one workout system that provides enough variation and challenge for you to stick to it? The JNL Fusion Workout tries to do exactly this. Let’s see if it succeeds.

What is JNL Fusion?

The JNL Fusion Workout is a DVD system that you can follow along with in the comfort of your own home. JNL is an acronym for Jennifer Nicole Lee, an internationally renowned fitness model and author who will be your guide and instructor. This workout system has quickly gathered a fanatical group of followers who are achieving great results with it.

The power of the program lies in its combination of moderate weight lifting, combined with challenging cardio exercises. This method is referred to as “super spiking”, due to the increase in metabolism it is likely to unleash.

These exercises are executed in short 30 seconds bursts. A typical daily workout with the Fusion system can be completed in about 30 minutes. So, it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, and the constant switching between exercises keeps things interesting while continuously challenging your body.

Summary of the workouts

These are the workouts you will find on the 12 JNL Fusion DVDs:

  1. Fusion Basics: A welcome DVD that introduces the program and prepares you for what is to come.
  2. Shoulder Shredder: This workout zeros in on the shoulders and triceps.
  3. Ballistic Backside: Great exercises for strengthening and toning your entire backside.
  4. Fusion Lower Body: This set takes care of your lower body.
  5. Lean Legs: A range of exercises that strengthen and tone the legs.
  6. Crazy Circuit Cardio: This challenging set of exercises will up your heart rate and burn fat.
  7. Bicep Builder: Targets the biceps and chest.
  8. TKO Fat Blast: A great set for building endurance and burning fat.
  9. Upper Body: Targets the upper back, arms and chest.
  10. Speed & Agility: Inspired by sport training, these moves increase your athleticism.
  11. 10 Minute Total Body: A quick full body session for those short on time.
  12. Fusion Stretch: A stretch and breathing routine to loosen tight and tense muscles.

You also get some decent bonus discs that focus mostly on the abs and core muscles, as well as workout calendar, meal plan guide and a fitness guide.

What results can you expect?jnl fusion before after

Jennifer Nicole Lee knows how to lose weight and keep fit. She wasn’t always a fitness bunny, and weighed a hefty 200 pounds after the birth of her second child. She worked herself into the shape she is in today.

You can expect to build lean muscle and burn a lot of fat on this system, while also achieving a high level of fitness. Don’t be too concerned with just losing pounds, as much of the fat you lose will be replaced by attractive lean muscle. So, you may experience a more significant inch loss than weight loss.

The typical real world results from people using the program ranges between 12 pounds and 75 pounds of weight loss. The typical result for the standard 8 weeks cycle of the program seems to be a loss of around 12 pounds and 8 inches. Your personal results will of course depend on your body, your current level of fitness and how hard you push yourself.

Suffice it to say that anyone who seriously participates in the JNL Fusion Workout, and sticks to it for at least 8 weeks, will have a much improved appearance and elevated fitness levels at the end of it.

Buyer comments

The majority of people who invest in the JNL Fusion system love it and experience great results. Here are some customer comments we gathered from a variety of sources on the Internet.

“I am in love with this program and believe in more than any other fitness product I’ve bought. I normally like to wait a few weeks before I write a review but this is that good! I’ve tried the Zumba dvds which didn’t get my heart rate up. Tried the Booty Firm, which i liked for awhile. But this is great!” Paula (review from HSN)

“After doing all of the workouts at least once, I can say that this program really excels in its strength workouts; the circuits really pack a punch, and the 30-second intervals really keep your heart rate high.” Leanne (review from Amazon.com)

“For those folks that are just starting the exercise route, JNL Fusion keeps you motivated. As others have indicated, the 30 second intervals for muscle and cardio keep you going and the time really does fly.” Judy (review from Amazon.com)

The standout feature of the program, also mentioned by many buyers, is the way it keeps you engaged with fast, short and varied exercises. You never do the same thing for more than 30 seconds at a time.

Things to know before you buy

There are a few negatives we need to highlight that prevents the JNL system from being perfect. We really miss warm up and cool down routines. You should always do these before and after engaging in tough exercise, but we would have liked for them to be included in the package instead of leaving the viewer to perform their own warm ups and cool downs.

Then there is Jennifer herself. She has the type of personality that may put off certain people. While some may find her chatter and catchphrase shouting motivating, others may find it unbearable.

JNL Fusion Workout package

Where to buy

For the best support and easiest transaction, buy the product directly from the JNL Fusion website. It will currently cost you 3 payments of $39.95, along with a small shipping and handling fee. It is not the cheapest program out there, but for many video fitness junkies, this has been the only one they’ve been able to stick to.

Our verdict

The JNL Fusion Workout system is worth the investment. It is fast, doesn’t take up a lot of time every day and keeps you interested throughout with short, intense exercises. The “super spiking” combination of weight and cardio exercises is also a winner.

Stick to it, and you will see results.

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